Ceramic Blade Kitchen Knives by URI Eagle

Why You Should Use Our Ceramic Blade Kitchen Knives 

Eagle Ceramic Blade Kitchen Knives rank among the most advanced ceramic knives ever made. Hardness of our ceramic knife blade materials can exceed 8 times that of steel blades.


Modern ceramic knife blades are second in hardness only to natural diamonds. This is why our ceramic knife blade cutlery remains near razor sharp far longer than any steel blade would.


Ceramic knife blades will not react with your food or turn your food brown because the ceramic knife blade material is also chemically inert. That is why a ceramic knife blade can never rust or leave a foul "rusty" taste in your cut foods like metal knives will often do.


Your kitchen, the freshest foods, and our ceramic knife blade kitchen knives are the right combination for a healthy modern lifestyle.

URI Eagle Ceramic Blade Knives

We are the manufacturer of OEM lines of fine ceramic knife models such as the ones shown below:


 URI Eagle White Diamond Ceramic Knives

  Nu2006smClick image to see more models


URI Eagle Black Diamond Ceramic Knives

Nu3006-sm  Click image to see more models


URI Eagle Ceramic Serrated Blade Knives

2006S-smClick image to see more models