TALONZ Ceramic Blade Sport Knives by URI Eagle

New Dealers Wanted!

We have recently introduced our new line of TALONZ sport knives. Interested parties may contact us using the information below. 


address: 2300 McDemott Road

               Suite 200-261

               Plano, Texas 75025

tel.: 214.989.3877



Buy our Talonz-1 online today:

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Welcome to our URI Eagle TALONZ website

Eagle Ceramic Blade Knives rank among the most advanced ceramic knives ever made. Hardness of our ceramic knife blade materials can exceed 8 times that of steel blades. Modern ceramic knife blades are second in hardness only to natural diamonds.

This is why our ceramic knife blades remain near razor sharp far longer than any steel blade would. Ceramic knife blades are chemically inert. That is why a ceramic knife blade can never rust or corrode like metal knives do.

What we do?

We are the manufacturer of ceramic knives and North American marketer of the following URI Eagle Ceramic Knife consumer product lines:


  • TALONZ Sport Knives
  • URI Eagle Kitchen Knives
  • White Diamond Knives
  • Black Diamond Knives

Who we are?

Universal Relations Incorporated (URI)



Incorporated in Nevada in 2003


Established Dallas, Texas Operations, Sales Office and Warehouse in 2006